Buidl the Future: A Global Hack for Web3

5821 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
5821 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

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Oct 16, 2022, 06:30 PM ()
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Klaytn is a public, enterprise-grade and EVM-equivalent blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore, led by the Klaytn Foundation.

These business expansion activities are supported by the Klaytn Growth Fund, which aims to grow the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn. The fund is managed and disbursed by Klaytn Foundation, a non-profit organization to accelerate global adoption and ecosystem maturity on Klaytn.

Since unveiling its metaverse roadmap in early 2022, the Ethereum-equivalent L1 chain has seen many well-known companies come onboard its metaverse—including game developer and publishing powerhouses: Netmarble and Neowiz. It recently ramped up efforts to lay the foundation for the metaverse and to expand use cases.




Bounties:- $10,000 KLAY per bounty

  • The Klaytn DApps bounty - for developers who are interested in buidling applications (use cases, wallets, orcale solutions etc.) and related tools on the Klaytn ecosystem. ($10,000 KLAY)
  • The Metaverse & NFTs bounty - for developers who are interested in building use cases and toolings in Metaverse & NFTs to support the growth of Klaytn ecosystem in these aspects. ($10,000 KLAY)
  • The DAO bounty - for developers who are interested in DAO use cases or its supporting toolings on the Klaytn ecosystem to drive the growth of community use cases on Klaytn ecosystem. ($10,000 KLAY)
  • The Fi+ bounty - for developers who are interested in building use cases and its supporting toolings of any Fi+ fields (e.g. DeFi, GameFi, MetaFi, SocialFi, etc.) on Klaytn ecosystem. ($10,000 KLAY)
  • The Public Goods bounty - for developers to take the chance to build use cases and toolings on the Klaytn ecosystem that could make a difference against public difficulties (e.g. climate change, pollution, war, oppression, economic inequality, fake news, etc.) and on any potential social impact. ($10,000 KLAY)


Shortlist Criteria:-

The challenge is open to all the participants of Coinbase BUIDL The Future '22

  • Participants can submit individually, or as a team. Teams should include no more than five people.
  • A presentation (PDF, Slidedeck etc) describing the project
  • Link to a video demo (YouTube only) is advisable, but not strictly required
  • You project “live/demo site” must be web hosted and publicly accessible
  • Your project code repository must be publicly accessible
  • The submission must be released under a GPLv3 compatible license

Submissions will be judged by Klaytn representatives and other hackathon judges based on their technical merits as well as the likelihood of implementation.

In general, submissions are graded on a 1-5 scale in each of the following categories:

  • Originality: Does the template incorporate something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an existing problem?
  • Execution: Is the template usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? Is it well designed?
  • Usefulness: Is the idea practical? Is it something people would actually use?
  • Learning: Did the individual or team stretch themselves and push the boundaries of learning in this space?

While all projects are technically eligible for the pool prize, Klaytn judges will have the final say on which projects qualify.



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